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13 Artikala

  1. Pojas ATTACK

    Pojas ATTACK

    pojas za sjedenje
    399,00 kn
  2. Pojas VARIO

    Pojas VARIO

    Via ferrata pojas,
    419,00 kn
  3. Pojas Corax 2

    Pojas Corax 2

    CORAX Comfortable and adjustable harness CORAX is the multi-purpose harness par excellence. It comes in two sizes, so adapts to all user shapes. Its comfort and ease of use make it suitable for a wide range of users for climbing, mountaineering or via ferrata.
    549,00 kn
  4. Pojas DIGGER 2

    Pojas DIGGER 2

    Speleo pojas
    459,00 kn
  5. Pojas PICOS

    Pojas PICOS

    Pojas za speleologiju
    749,00 kn
  6. Prsni pojas GARMA

    Prsni pojas GARMA

    Prsni pojas za speleologiju
    499,00 kn
  7. Pojas PROFI WORKER 3D standard

    Pojas PROFI WORKER 3D standard

    Radni pojas Singing Rock
    900,00 kn
  8. Pojas CALIDRIS 2

    Pojas CALIDRIS 2

    Nema opisa
    669,00 kn
    Pojas SPEED 240

    Pojas SPEED 240

    Sport and alpine climbing harness with innovative cut-out design that guarantees optimal ventilation and a light weight Flexible leg loops with elastic inserts and an adjustable waistbelt provide perfect fit Self-locking buckle for quick and secure closure Tie-in loops of Dyneema Chalk bag attachment 4 rigid gear loops and two ice screw loops

    Redovna cijena: 569,00 kn

    Special Price 398,30 kn

  9. Pojas PROFI WORKER III speed

    Pojas PROFI WORKER III speed

    Radni pojas
    1.250,00 kn
    Prsni pojas CLASICO

    Prsni pojas CLASICO

    Prsni pojas za speleologiju

    Redovna cijena: 119,00 kn

    Special Price 83,30 kn

  10. Pojas ARA

    Pojas ARA

    pojas za djecu
    429,00 kn
  11. Radni pojas APACHE

    Radni pojas APACHE

    1.699,00 kn

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13 Artikala